As Dilek Tekstil

Who We Are?

Pioneer in its sector - A Global Player

Established in 1983 in Bursa, Dilek Tekstil has become the leading manufacturer and exporter in its sector in a short time. Today, with its experience in the sector and a monthly knitted fabric capacity of over 600 tonnes, Dilek Tekstil caters to customers all over Turkey and the world.
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Dilek Tekstil adopts innovation and quality as its core values and works with these principles. By investing in innovative technologies, it contributes to a sustainable future as well as making production processes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Keeping the quality standards at the highest level for its customers, Dilek Tekstil is rapidly progressing towards becoming a global brand with its exports to different geographies of the world, especially Europe and America.

Transparent communication, reliability and commitment to ethical values are one of the basic building blocks of Dilek Tekstil. Creating a working environment where employees can develop their talents and advance their careers is the most important force behind the rising success graph.

Our Vision

Being a leading and innovative company in the textile industry worldwide, offering the highest quality products to its customers, creating a safe and satisfying working environment for its employees are among the priorities of Dilek Tekstil.

By closely following the developments in the textile industry and focusing on continuous research and development activities to produce products that exceed customer expectations in production facilities equipped with advanced technology, Dilek Tekstil has the vision of becoming a brand that shapes the textile industry worldwide with its innovative products and services by increasing its share in the global market day by day.

Our Mission

Producing high quality and sustainable fabrics that exceed the expectations of our customers is the basis of Dilek Tekstil's mission. Thanks to innovative designs and advanced technology production processes, it is Dilek Tekstil's primary responsibility towards the world to offer a range of fashion-forward and environmentally sensitive products. Protecting the team spirit, contributing to the personal and professional development of its employees and creating a high performance working environment are also part of Dilek Tekstil's mission. Dilek Tekstil continues its efforts to leave a clean and livable world to future generations with sustainable production processes, energy efficiency, waste management and practices for the protection of natural resources.

Customer Orientation

To approach the needs of customers with sensitivity, to prioritise customer satisfaction.


To ensure continuous development with innovative ideas and technologies, to achieve a competitive advantage.

Social Responsibility

To be aware of responsibility towards society and the environment, to give importance to sustainability and ethical values.


To provide high quality products at world standards.

Human Resources

To strive for the quality of life and development of employees, to encourage team spirit and co-operation.


To encourage the acquisition of leadership qualities in order to be in a leading position in the sector and to support leadership potential.

In line with this vision and mission, Dilek Tekstil works for the future with determination to gain the trust of its customers, to add value to the society and the national economy and for a sustainable future.