As Dilek Tekstil


Our Step on the Road to Excellence

Dilek Tekstil maintains quality standards at the highest level. By selecting the highest quality yarns from industry-leading suppliers, we ensure that each product meets our standards

Dilek Tekstil has adopted the principle of lean production. One of the basic principles of lean production is to eliminate activities that do not create value. We constantly review our processes and make improvements to make the workflow smarter and faster. With this practice, we both increase our production speed and use our workforce more efficiently.

As Dilek Tekstil, we shape the future with lean production. While offering the best quality products to our customers, we use resources more effectively and work for a sustainable world.

Quality and Aesthetics Together

Dilek Tekstil Knitted Fabrics

Dilek Tekstil plays a leading role in knitted fabric production with original designs and superior quality. With years of experience in the sector, we work passionately to achieve perfection in every detail by combining creativity and craftsmanship. Each knitted fabric in our product range is knitted using the latest technology from carefully selected yarns that reflect our quality.

Technology Leader

Dilek Tekstil Machine Park

Dilek Tekstil, which uses the power of technology at the highest level in its production processes, optimises the processes by producing with the latest technology products of industry-leading brands. In this way, it ensures high quality standard and high efficiency in production by providing fast and reliable results

Dilek Tekstil maximises customer satisfaction by adopting the technology that shapes the future. The continuous updating and modernisation of the machine park ensures that Dilek Tekstil is one of the permanent pioneers of the sector.


Dilek Tekstil carries out yarn twisting at international quality standards in its twisting facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and its experience in twisting.

Dilek Tekstil, which is one of the leading companies in the sector in the production and sales of twisted yarns with its customer-oriented approach, serves with its modern infrastructure without sacrificing quality.