As Dilek Tekstil


Responsibility for the Future

With the responsibility of leaving a livable world to future generations, Dilek Tekstil adopts environmentally friendly approaches in every step from production processes to business culture. It attaches particular importance to energy efficiency, waste management and recycling in order to minimise its environmental impact. It works to minimise energy consumption with its modern production facility infrastructure.

It shapes the considerable item product in its product range with sustainability principles. By preferring recyclable materials, it uses resources more effectively and contributes to the protection of the environment.

Dilek Tekstil has adopted sustainability not only as a business principle but also as a lifestyle. Dilek Tekstil, which continues to work with the aim of creating a greener and more sustainable world, endeavours to leave a positive mark for future generations.

Efficient Use of Energy and Renewable Energy

We Shed Light on Sustainable Future! The efficient use of energy and the importance of renewable energy sources constitute one of the cornerstones of our business. Because we know that using energy wisely is part of our responsibility to our future and our environment.

Efficient Use of Energy

In order to use energy effectively and efficiently in our production facilities, we optimise our machines equipped with advanced technologies to save energy. By monitoring energy consumption, we minimise unnecessary waste of resources and contribute to energy efficiency.

Investment in Renewable Energy

We invest in renewable energy sources to enlighten the future. We endeavour to supply our facilities with sustainable sources such as solar energy and wind energy. In this way, we increase our energy security while minimising the environmental impact of our energy production.

Energy management is not only a duty for Dilek Tekstil, but also a responsibility to leave a better world to future generations. With the efficient use of energy and our commitment to renewable energy, we are proud to carry our business to a sustainable future.

Production Waste Management

We transform textile and production wastes resulting from our production activities into reusable textile raw materials through recycling companies in order to protect our environment and natural resources and reduce their harmful effects on nature. While shaping the future of the textile industry, we move forward with our mission to create a greener tomorrow with the power of recycling.

Environmental Management

Within the framework of its sustainability approach, Dilek Tekstil attaches importance to the planned and controlled use of water resources, which are critical for the continuity of the environment and human life.

Dilek Tekstil adopts proactive approaches in water management in order to save on water use and recycle waste water, which is necessary for the uninterrupted continuation of its services. In order to use water efficiently, it implements environmentally friendly practices such as smart irrigation systems, photocell batteries, grey water systems, rainwater collection units and evaluates solutions proposed for global sustainability in new projects. In addition, it aims to reduce water consum